Jul 30, 2009

Why eating in France sucks

I have always been disappointed with food in France, not only because of the horrible experiences caused by arrogant waitors or bitchy waitresses, but also because of the low quality of the food itself (This is the exception that confirms the rule).

Now after having Tyler Cowen explaining part of the story, here's a whole book devoted to the french agony. In Au revoir to all that, Food, Wine, and the End of France , Michael Steinberger (Slate, Food & Wine, Saveur, the Financial Times, the Economist) explains the political, economic, and cultural factors behind the crisis in the country and food he loves.

From the FT review I read that the future belongs to Tokyo, London and the northern Spanish town of San Sebastián, which has more Michelin-starred restaurants per capita than any place in the world. World-class restaurants now flourish in deepest Wales, lost cheeses have found their artisans in the US, and ambitious wine is made nearly everywhere.

I also learned from the reviews that McDonald’s is the France’s largest private employer!

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