Jul 3, 2009

Trade and Climate Change

Last week, the WTO and UNEP released a joint report entitled "Trade and Climate Change".

The Report provides an overview of the key linkages between trade and climate change based on a review of available literature and a survey of relevant national policies. It shows that trade intersects with climate change in a multitude of ways. For example, governments may introduce a variety of policies, such as regulatory measures and economic incentives, to address climate change. This complex web of measures may have an impact on international trade and the multilateral trading system.

While the Report is reminisant of the Stern Review or the IPCC Assessment Report, it's worth having a look at because of its specific focus on trade issues, its detailed examples of national and international policies being adopted, and its overview of the relevant WTO rules. And of course, I can't forget to mention that a couple of Graduate Institute students contributed significant parts of the report.


Pierre-Louis said...

I like the cover design!

Amanda said...

It's called "Naive Art".

Laura Z said...

cool, congratulations!