Jul 9, 2009

Opportunity Cost

Apparently, according to this fundamental study "women spend nearly one year deciding what to wear". Is this because women do not optimize or because their partners are not convincing when they say "honey, you do look beautiful with that"?


Sebastian said...

This is surely an interesting topic. Personally, I believe the number to be much to low.

I think that neither of your two suggestions are however the crucial point. Taking more than 20 minutes what to wear is most likely optimizing from the woman's point of view (e.g. she receives a payoff when getting compliments for her dress). From the partners point of view it may however be inefficient due to the waiting time. The key is to arrive at a pareto optimum for the two.
I am curious about suggestions...

Laura Z said...

the man can start dressing up 40minutes after the lady, so he won't wait.

salvi, it is said (sorry i have no paper to refer to :)that many women dress to impress other women and not men..

Laura Z said...

apparently this dress was succesful with obama


(this is the first pic you get when clicking in "G8 in pictures" in the ft!)

Dany Jaimovich - Bakary Baludin said...

that demonstrate sebastian is right!!!