Jul 22, 2009

Economics and Poetry

Economists do not just find solace in poetry, but also use it for research proposes!!

In his most recent NBER working paper, the famous Chilean economist Sebastian Edwards (UCLA) quotes Pablo Neruda:

“When the trumpet sounded, everything
was ready on earth,
and Jehovah distributed the world
to Coca Cola Inc., Anaconda,
Ford Motors and other entities:
United Fruit Inc.
reserved for itself the juiciest part,
the central coast of my land,
the sweet waist of America.
And it rebaptized its lands
“Banana Republics” (…)”

1 comment:

Victoria said...

as a fan of both poetry and someone interested in economics, and as someone who has visited and cares very much for central america, i say this blog post is awesome!

more examples of this mashup are welcome!