Jul 30, 2009

Utilitarian and Pigouvian taxes

Some economists want to increase taxes for tall people, some want to tax men more then women, others tax middle-aged people more, and now The Economist suggest taxing fat people more (as a Pigouvian tax on junk food won't do).

I agree with all these proposals.


Sebastian said...

yeah me as well, but I would add old people, smokers, drinkers, parents without children, singles and public employees....did I forget anyone?

Pierre-Louis said...

why old people? because their labour productivity is too low?

for smokers and drinkers you think taxes on alcohol and cigarettes don't do the job?

for couples without children, don't tax allowances for couples with children do?

why singles? they already suffer from not being able to enjoy the economies of scale associated with being in a relationship???

public employees, yeah no brainer, to attract brains in the productive side of the economy...right?