Nov 10, 2008

Obama's economic team

Who would you like to see in Obama's economic team? I would like to see Krugman. Don't think that's gonna happen but still. There are many jobs involved! So who would you like to see in what job and why? I think Roland Fryer would be good for social inequalities, but what about health care, the financial crisis, international trade??? What would be an economic dream team?

Mankiw telling Obama what (not) to do. Don't know if he would work for a Democrat though!

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Cam said...

I would suggest Paul Volcker, but seeing him getting lost in Parc Barton on his way to the Swoboda conference last June doesn't particularly inspire much confidence in him.......but on the other hand he has good origami skills, which might come in handy in those tedious Cabinet meetings.....

How about a cabinet composed completely of CNN there's a great idea.

Pierre-Louis said...

his Transition Economic Advisory Board is destroyed here by Buiter
He wonders why they are all old and lawyers..."Where are Austan Goolsbee, Jason Furman and Peter Orszag? Where are Jo Stiglitz and Paul Krugman?"
I hope he will be more innovative in his next moves!

Pierre-Louis said...

here is the link that has been cut above...

it is a must read!