Nov 25, 2008

Direct flight or cheaper options?

New Rigotnomics working paper:
If you had to travel from Geneva to Montreal, you could fly directly for 1100 CHF or fly from Paris on a cheaper charter flight (800 CHF). If flying from Paris, you have to get there either by train (TGV for example) or plane (easyjet for example). Option (2) involves money saving, risks (loss of luggage, missed connections) and various hidden costs (time loss, stress, hassle, forgone cappuccinos) that depend on the individual. Turns out the actual price difference is exactly the average estimation of how much one would be ready to save to go through Paris!

1 comment:

F said...

It was very funny!

I turned out to be very average!

Theres only one thing I doubt about: the telephone question.

I think you might have a bias towards "non-lazy", since some people could give a false answer as they perceive "lazy" not to be that cool..