Nov 13, 2008

"1st Rigotnomics Prize 2009"

The Editors of Rigotnomics are pleased to announce the launch of the first "Rigotnomics 2009 Prize" for the Best Master's Thesis written by students at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, in Geneva. As a reward, the best mémoir will be published as a special edition Rigotnomics Working Paper and, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, will comprise of a Rigotnomics Mug and a T-shirt.

The prize is open to theses written in all economics disciplines. A scientific committee appointed by the Editors, composed of four Phd students specialized in both Micro and Macro at the Institute will be in charge of the selection.

The Committee this year will be composed of the following members:

Pascal Towbin, Macro
Sebastian Weber, Macro
Kornel Mahlstein, Trade
Cosimo Beverelli, Trade

The Prize will be awarded during the usual beginning of the year Barbecue in Rigot, in September 2009 (right next to the graduation ceremony).

The Editors
(approved by the Editor in Chief)


Pierre-Louis said...

but who's handing in his thesis this year? kornel and cosimo?

Pascal said...

The submission of audio versions, following The Economist's leading example (, is especially encouraged. Looking forward to those regression tables!

Veronika said...

cool idea, but why dont you give a rat to the winner?

Katya said...

charming as always, eh, Veronika? :)

cosimo said...

Maybe the winner could get a "zoccola", it could be a better deal than a rat, especially (but not exclusively...) for men ;-)
Ah, needless to say, I will offshore my task to India