May 6, 2009

The world's most influential economists

Rigotnomics was happy to find out that the four economists that made TIME's 100 most influential people list are among its favorite:

Roland Fryer (by Michelle Rhee) (on Rigotnomics here and by Levitt here)
Dambisa Moyo (by Wolfowitz) (on Rigotnomics here)
Nouriel Roubini (by Krugman) (on Rigotnomics here)
Paul Krugman (by Mark Zandi) (on Rigotnomics here)


Ugo said...

do you really like dambisa moyo??????

TIP said...

The Ingenesist Project (TIP) specifies the structure of an innovation economy where human knowledge is tangible outside the construct of the corporation, academia and even government. The Rallod, in this model is a currency backed by innovation (future increased productivity based on current innovation) whereas the dollar is backed by debt (future productivity backed by the promise and assumption that future productivity will occur). The rallod in this model can, in fact, accommodate negative interest rate because appreciation is not a function of risk and negative productivity is quantifiable. Hmmmm...interesting. next economic paradigm series. A fun read