May 4, 2009

The week ahead - International trade

Plenty of (international trade economics) stuff to do in this week. Starts with sandwiches on Tuesday at the WTO trade and development seminar when Frédéric Robert-Nicoud will present "The ‘emulator effect’ of the Uruguay round on US regionalism". It continues the following day with Ana Cristina presenting her draft on “The determinants of trade duration” at the Rigotnomics Brown bag Lunch and Ha-Joon Chang’s CTEI conference on his book, Bad Samaritans, which I have reviewed here.

On Thursday we have a special class on spatial econometrics given by Peter Egger and finally on Friday we have a conference on regionalism, which will last all day and include lunch, and will bring together most of the big names in the field to our school.

But it even spills over to next week when Kyle Bagwell will give a special class on subsidies and trade in imperfectly competitive markets at the WTO. We are spoiled.

When it comes to studying international trade economics, Geneva seems like the right place.

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