May 2, 2009

Crime in Geneva

When will the Geneva authorities acknowledge that there is a problem in this city and start tackling it? I've been here almost 4 years now and in none of the places I have lived before (which include Cameroon and Mexico) have so many of my friends been robed or attacked by pickpockets or violent scums. I have lost track of who got robbed and when. For myself, I got a bike stolen once and my backpack once disapeared from our picknick spot by the lake. Very recent stories; a friend of a friend got attacked while withdrawing at an ATM, he lost 500 CHF; a friend got her bag stolen while biking by the lake at night.

Enough with this shit. It is easy to tackle. Patrol the lake walk, patrol the train station. The Geneva police seems to me like the most incompetent in the world.

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