Jul 19, 2011

Rigotnomics Fellow Sergio Sola cited in The Economist

This week's Economics Focus cites research from Rigotnomics Fellow Sergio Sola. Here's an extract:
Mr Obama is not alone in arguing that austerity can boost growth: Britain’s deficit-slashing coalition government and the European Central Bank (ECB) also make the case. A decline in interest rates due to a lower probability of default should support investment and asset prices. Expectations of lower future taxes and higher lifetime earnings may encourage investment and spending. A new ECB working paper argues that “a fiscal contraction may turn out to be expansionary if the expectation channel becomes sufficiently strong.” In practice, however, it rarely works out that way.
The ECB working paper can be downloaded here. Al top.

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Victoria WO said...

i am sure it is stiff competition for sergio on what to be prouder of: the mention in the economist or that amazing windbreaker