Jul 12, 2011

easyjet luggage fees

Almost 4 years ago I blogged about easyjet's boarding problem. Yesterday I had another blog-worthy easyjet experience coming back from Stockholm. The plane was so full with onboard suitcases that we had to check-in ours once in the plane. How can this happen? Well, easyjet charges you about 30CHF for checked-in luggage. Add that to the fact that waiting for luggage upon arrival is time-wasting and you have a perfect recipe for overpacked cabins. How to solve this problem? Easy, just make it free to check-in luggage and charge 10CHF for onboard bags.  For easyjet, the money made will cover for the costs of handling checked-in luggage. For us, checking-in big bags full of beer bottles will be free and cabins won't be overpacked anymore.

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