Jul 5, 2011

The life and times of a Red Cross senior official in China

The NY Times reports:
Guo Meimei, 20, appeared to hold a senior position at the Red Cross Society of China, a government organization that is the country’s largest charity. Under the name “Guo Meimei Baby,” she had boasted on her microblog that her title was “commercial general manager” at the Red Cross.... At the same time, she posted photos and entries detailing her jet-set life, writing of the orange Lamborghini she drove in the south (her “little bull”) and the white Maserati she had in Beijing (her “little horse”)... During times of crisis, like the Sichuan and Yushu earthquakes ... officials always put the Red Cross on the front lines of charity drives.
 A Malaysian blogger posted more pics here. He asks:

"What if you found out that the money you gave in the name of charity to such non-profit organization contributes to people’s luxurious life?" 
For our Geneva readers, it should come as no surprise that non-profit organizations and corruption go hand in hand.

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