Jun 10, 2010

Expat orders for British supermarket

The financial crisis destroyed the pound. For a while, people had been used to 1.5 € per pound, in Jan 2009, it was close to parity with the euro.

 This boosted cross-Channel food deliveries. The Guardian reports (via  TC) :
...due to the strength of the euro against the pound, hundreds of Britons living in France are now using the internet to order their food, including many French specialties, from British supermarkets.Simon Goodenough, the director of Sterling Shopping, a delivery firm based in Northamptonshire, says his company has 2500 British customers in France and is running five delivery vans full of food to France each week... "we have delivered bottles of Bergerac wine bought from Sainsbury's to a customer in Bergerac. We even have a few French customers who have now heard about what we do. They love things like curries and tacos, which they just can't get in France... A lot of people are using us to get things they really miss, such as bacon and sausages."

But now the euro is falling! Apparently, this has led to more shopping in bordering France from Geneva . Too bad we are here far from free food trade... imagine the bufalino invasion we could enjoy...

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