Aug 7, 2009

Tyler Cowen's economy

I cannot say I fully grasp Tyler Cowen's book. If I did, I would be lying in the same way french people lie when they say they were absolutely amazed by David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. But there is still something that gets me to read more of his work. After an unequal but promising Discover your inner economist and the postive reviews that were coming out, I got excited about Create your own economy. I was looking for insights on where society and the economy were heading...what I found was an ode to autistics and facebook and philosophical thoughts about extra-terrestrial life. I didn't find the book's fil conducteur...

To describe Tyler's work as behavioral economics does not make much sense to me...He is more like a philospher who happens to know about economics (as when describing the Alchian-Allen theorem or this Schelling article). The impression that I get is that he just writes about everything he knows, as if he was collecting knowlegde from all fields around him and organizing this eclectic mix in books, creating his own economy.

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