Aug 25, 2009

A farewell to the pint glass?

I read here that the Home Office in the UK wants to substitute the pint glass with a shatter-proof plastic pint "in an attempt to stop glasses being used as weapons". Of course, the Pubs' association in the UK is protesting for two obvious reasons: first, it penalizes pubs where those things don't happen, where customers will be forced to drink from plastic; it will add extra costs because pubs will have to buy this "new fancy" glass (whose design has been already commissioned to a guy enthusiastic about the idea) and replace the old ones.
Now, this policy sounds a bit strange, and may be interpreted as "yet again, the Nanny State comes in". Instead of all this costly policy, why don't they simply introduce a scheme of refundable deposit for each pint you order? The more incidents happen in a pub, the higher the deposit required. It sounds like a simple pigouvian tax and I know this policy is often adopted in places where people tend to steal their pints. Would it also induce people who tend to get drunk and violent to stop using glasses as weapons?


Pierre-Louis said...

or do like in the US/Canada: glass inside, plastic outside...

but why do the english fight so much???

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