Aug 24, 2009

Charter museums

Looted treasures should be restored to their country of origin. The Vatican and British (among others) museums should reconsider their entire collections. Among the many reasons given by the UK for not returning the cultural heritage has been the improper funds, corrupt governments and inadequate museums to host the art.
Obviously these are all fake reasons, as the British still refuse to return those marbles to Greece.
One recent article examined most of the arguments made by Westerners for their continued detention of looted/stolen African artefacts and found them woefully lacking in logic, morality or legal foundations. It recalls the British seized more than 3000 artefacts during their nefarious invasion of Benin in 1879.
So here's an idea. After Paul Romer's charter cities, here come the charter museums. Return the treasures to their origin countries but have the Western country fully manage and fund the new modern museums in Lagos and Cotonou (and in all the other cities where traesures belong).
Wouldn't this be possible?

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