Apr 11, 2012


Rigotnomics is now on RePec:

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is lauching a blog aggregator,  EconomicAcademics.org, to highlight and promote the discussion of  economics research. Your blog is part of this effort. This email explains  why and how you can help promote the discussion of economic research in  the blogosphere. 
EconAcademics.org aggregates blog  posts that discuss economic research. The aggregator looks through blog  posts for a link to some research indexed on a RePEc service... IDEAS then also links back from the abstract  page to the blog posts... 
This blog aggregator is provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of St.  Louis, which also offers with FRED database and graphing tool as a useful  resources for bloggers. Feel free to use the graphs on your blog, best  done by embedding them so that readers can click on them to get more  details about the data....
Also, ... if you have a topical blog, you can have the  latest papers in your field featured in an RSS widget. See  http://nep.repec.org/. If you have suggestions, comments, or questions, do not hesitate to  contact me.
Christian Zimmermann

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