May 30, 2010

Not A Good Look

In an update to my previous post on a brewing corruption scandal involving a banknote printing company, Securency, part owned and supervised by the Australian central bank, it now appears that the current RBA govenor was involved in lobbying the Indonesian central bank for the award of a note printing contract.

Whilst there is no suggestion that the Governor was aware of, or involved in, any alleged corruption by the note printing company or its agents, it is certainly not a good look to be associated with a deal in which it is alleged that bribery of foreign government officials took place.

In addition to the case of the Indonesian currency printing contract, there is evidence that bribery was also involved in trying to win a Chinese government contract. Incredibly, the Australian government is blocking the RBA Governor from appearing before the parliamentary committee responsible for economic matters to explain his level of knowledge of the dodgy practices......

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