Mar 10, 2010

Solidarity account for public debt repayment‏

Pursuant to Bank of Greece Governor’s Act 271/4.3.2010, an account entitled “SOLIDARITY ACCOUNT FOR REPAYMENT OF PUBLIC DEBT” (No. 24/26132462) has been opened at the Bank’s Head Office, Public Entities Accounts Section, for voluntary deposits, to be used exclusively for the repayment of Greece’s public debt.

Deposits to the account shall be accepted, starting 5 March 2010, at the Head Office, the Branches, Outlets and Agencies of the Bank of Greece, as well as through commercial banks.

The details of the solidarity account are as follows:
IBAN: GR 04 010 0024 0000000026132462

For further information, please contact the Public Entities Accounts Section, tel: 210 320 2716 & 210 320 3376.

ht: bunkey

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