Feb 5, 2010

A monopoly makeover

From Yahoo News:

"The new Monopoly has debit cards and an ATM instead of paper money and a banker...and clips of popular songs like Rihanna’s "Umbrella," Daniel Powter’s "Bad Day," and Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" that play after certain actions. So far, the Internet echo chamber's biggest criticism focuses on the new version's tight security. It seems that when it comes to Monopoly, half the fun comes from cheating by stealing from the till when nobody's looking, a loophole the new version closes with its fancy electronic banking."

I always thought the funniest part of the game was the financial innovation that comes at late stages of despair. Bankruptcies and debt restructuring negotiations between players are always interesting. They can make the game go on and on...until the bubble bursts!

I would still like to try the more capitalist version, the anti-monopoly.

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Christoph said...

Wow! Since when are you interested in debt restructuring? :)