Jan 28, 2010

The iPad

Yesterday, Apple launched its new revolutionary product, the iPad. It brings together the functions of an eReader (Kindle), iPhone, iPod (for music), netbook (emails, internet, google maps), TV, and probably much more stuff.

Now imagine this. Your are at the airport, skimming through The Economist, video-chatting with your girlfriend (who's in her office), while remotely running your regressions on Stata on the supercomputer. Later on, you pick your copy of the AER, check out the abstracts and the graphs, then you read a few pages of Animal farm,  then you watch a live football game, following the tweets of your favourite analyst. All this on one device. The only thing it seems to lack is a built-in webcam.

1 comment:

Maribou said...

What happened to good old mobile phones, simple text messaging, the TV and paper book???