Nov 18, 2009

What a FAO summit on food security is all about

Mugabe visiting Europe with 60 people and blasting his "neo-colonialists enemies ", Gadhafi spending his evenings in Rome accompanied by hundreds of young women, the wife of Tunisian President creating a traffic jam to go shopping on Via Condotti. This is what a FAO summit on food security is all about. No doubt about it, it lasts too long, is too expensive and serves no purpose. No G8 leader is attending, except the greatest, Berlusconi. (Source)

Ban Ki Moon says "we must craft a single global vision ... to produce real results for people in real need". He makes it even vaguer: "There can be no food security without climate security," adding: "We must help the most vulnerable to adapt". Great! And how do we do that? What is better than a bunch of vague unachieavable goals no one can be held accountable for? We just need more money so we can do more summits and more shopping. And humanitarian NGOs blame rich governments for not showing up instead of focusing on solutions...all they want is more money. Isn't this ridiculous? Time to tick that box.

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TomasH said...

Pas mal post! You're right, it's ridiculous!