Nov 20, 2009

Microdocumentary exhibition: « Las Caras de la Exclusión »

Tuesday 24, November 2009. 6:00PM
Salon Bungener (rue Rothschild 20, Geneva)

This project is part of a research program on social exclusion of the Inter‐American Development Bank (IADB). Producers of all countries in Latin‐America were invited to express their views about the main social issues in the region. In this event, a selection of the films received will be presented, with the comments of experts in each issue.


Topic 1 : Alternative organization to the established order
« Prestes Maia » (Brazil) - « Espejos» (Argentina)

Topic 2 : Informal work in Latin-America
« Circo Urbano » (Mexico) - « Gaspar » (Brazil)

Topic 3: The poverty trap (children outside the system)
« La Bajadita» (Peru) - « El Patron » (Colombia)

Topic 4: Forced displacement for civil conflicts
« El pequeño Sergio » (Colombia) - «Ori » (Suriname)

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