Sep 10, 2009

Geneva cold city

Geneva has an identity problem. That’s what sociologists at the “Identities and Lifestyle Changes” conference at Geneva University just concluded. They highlight that it is difficult to encounter new people and create social ties, with 50% of survey respondents claiming the city is "cold".

On the social capital side, they found that only “29.1% of the local population is involved in any kind of voluntary work – much lower than in Basel (38.2%) and Zurich (40.4%), and below the 40.8% Swiss average”. Indeed, “the city is made up of many closed communities which don't interact. The elite are completely isolated in the places they live and work.”

“Geneva has always been a chaotic place made up of parallel worlds which are full of contradictions and difficult to manage…50,000 people move to or away from Geneva every year. And every day 500,000 people cross the border into Geneva from neighboring France and Vaud”

They say Geneva needs an urban marketing strategy like Basel where you “don't put garbage on the floor, which is normal in Geneva, and you respect things like public transport"

Full article here.

ht. James Cohen

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