Jun 22, 2009

Name and Shame: Trade Protectionist Measures in one Click

What has started with a short policy note co-authored by one of us has taken on a big scale. Under the lead of Simon Evenett, various institutions got together to create a real time database which names all countries which have implemented trade protectionist measures and even provides information which trading partners will be affected. The Global Trade Alert seems a great idea since
"it goes beyond the WTO and World Bank's monitoring initiatives by identifying those trading partners likely to be harmed by state measures. Its website allows policy-makers, exporters, the media, and analysts to search the posted government measures by implementing country, by trading partners harmed, and by sector. Third parties will be able to report suspicious state measures and governments will be given the right to reply to any of their measures listed on the website."
For those interested in the topic Chad Bown, who some may know due to his recent visit to the WTO, has gathered together with the help of lots of research assistants another amazing dataset which collects over time Global Antidumping Data.

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Pierre-Louis said...

I remember being at the ebook lauch at the WTO and every WTO bureacrat or trade diplomat was like this is useless, it's never gonna work...bunch of lazy asses...it's online now.