Jun 13, 2009

Kenyan official state cars: an example for others

If the proposal will be put in place it is not only in the spirit of the taxpayer but also benefits the environment. Why do we actually sponsor our politicians to drive the least ecological cars? This list gives you and idea which politician drives what in your country. The best is Swaziland (only in German). The king drives a Maybach which is worth more than 100 times the income per capita of the country, which in any case has only 1mio inhabitants! Amazingly, Romanian's president appears to be the one who drives at most occasions the kind of car that all politicians should use as an official car, despite Romania being considered one of the most corrupt countries in Europe.

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Dany Jaimovich - Bakary Baludin said...

I'm sure that Gambia can dispute the first place to Swaziland:

check this out!!

(captured from the Gambian National TV in Baja Kunda).