Feb 19, 2009

How the US is destroying Mexico

News from CNN:
Drug violence spins Mexico toward 'civil war'
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  • Drug-related conflicts bring waves of violence, death that some liken to a civil war
  • U.S. helps fuel violence with market for illegal drugs, weapons supply for drug gangs
  • "The drug gangs are better equipped than the army," expert says
  • Pervasive corruption among public officials also at center of drug cartels' success
The US has to stop fighting this war with arms and border controls. Any economic paper explaining this conflict?


Dany said...

there is a whole literature about this!!! I particularly liked a paper presented in the Latin American Economist Meeting about the war on drugs in Colombia.

The conclusion is powerful: "a three-fold increase in the U.S. budget allocated to the war on drugs in Colombia
would only decrease the supply of cocaine that successfully reaches the consumer countries
by about 17%, with an average cost to the U.S. of decreasing the exportation of cocaine
by one kilogram of about $15,405."

my personal view is that soft drugs must be legalized (thanks our Dutch friends for show us the way), but with hard drugs as cocaine is very difficult to deal...

Pierre-Louis said...

gotta read this much talked about report offering new ideas…