Sep 29, 2008


Some people love him for his papers, most people hate his books...anyway, here's a chance to go see an economics Nobel Prize. Joseph STIGLITZ will give a conference on the economic perspectives of Europe and the US, on Monday 6 October at 5:30 PM, Auditoire Piaget at UNI DUFOUR. It's open to the public!

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Dany said...

While most economist agree that Stieglitz's work in the 80s and 90s was a definitive contribution, the opinion about his crusade in the last decade is way more divided. Some think he just become crazy, start using hard drugs or got possessed by a hippie spirit. Others thing that he switch the focus of analysis from theoretical contributions to real life problems and that he is a leading intellectual for the understanding of the new century.... which position is right? what do you think?