Apr 27, 2011

The world is lumpy: Interesting statistics

Do we truly live in a globalised world?
  • only 2% of students are at universities outside their home countries
  • only 3% of people live outside their country of birth
  • only 7% of rice is traded across borders
  • only 7% of directors of S&P 500 companies are foreigners
  • less than 1% of all American companies have any foreign operations
  • exports are equivalent to only 20% of global GDP
  • FDI accounts for only 9% of all fixed investment
  • less than 20% of venture capital is deployed outside the fund’s home country
  • only 20% of shares traded on stockmarkets are owned by foreign investors
  • less than 20% of internet traffic crosses national borders
These interesting stats are from Pankaj Ghemawat “World 3.0”, cited in The Economist.

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