Jan 14, 2011

World shipping through air pipes

How convenient would it be to receive the goods you order (books, shoes etc...) directly home in the hour after you order? According to the video below, you can now order wine online and it comes out right out of your USB tap.

But seriously speaking, shipping technology could get better. Ships are slow and pollute a lot (not as much as planes, trucks and trains though!). An idea would be to have a wide network of pneumatic tubes, delivering goods in capsules directly to houses, in the same way water or electricity is delivered. It's actually an old technology. You may have seen it in James Bond (in The Living Daylights, a supposed Soviet defector was smuggled across the Iron Curtain in an oil pipe-line) or in supermarkets (to send money to the back). But, as seen in The Economist, Dr Cotana is trying to revive it, notably in Italy but also in China. Maybe in 10 years pizza delivery guys will need to find new jobs!

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