Apr 17, 2009

The Economic Word of the Year

Economics is all over the news in the last months, the whole profession is in a major overhaul with new and outdated words mushrooming in the popular press. So we thought it is about time to give a prize to the best word of our current semester. The potential list already includes the following words

1) Decoupling

2) Tail-Risk

3) Global Imbalances

4) Nouriel Roubini

5) Toxic Assets

6) Recovery

7) Macroeconomics


9) Quantitative Easing

10) Moral Hazard

11) Financial Meltdown

12) Doha Round

13) Ricardian Equivalence

If you think that we missed words that should be added to the list please post them in the comment section within the next 10 days until the 26 of April. The voting will be initiated with the column that follows the 27th of April. The voting will be organized over doodle and the relevant link will be provided in the post of the 27th of April.


Pierre-Louis said...

subprime lending, credit crunch, protectionism wave, uncertainty, Keynes, Great Depression, stimulus, G20, Obamanomics, bailouts...we should look at the googel statistics!

Veronika said...

cant believe stimulus plan is not on the list. And why do you think anyone really cares about DSGE?


I would also add Ponzi schemes, Madoff has done really well in popularizing this one.

Pierre-Louis said...

wow!!! google fight is so cool! is there a way to emb the animation it on a blog?

Pascal said...


Cam said...

Google Fight is waaaaay cool!!

Surely we need to include 'CDO', 'Credit Default Swap', 'liquidity' and 'lost decade' as well?

Cam said...

According to googlefight we need to increase the profile of the RDB somewhat.....


daniel walter said...

I agree, Ponzi scheme has a lot of potential.

I would further propose bail-out, TARP, "since the Great Depression", wall street/main street and bubble. As you added Roubini, which greatly appreciate, you should also add Peter Schiff! cheers