Apr 16, 2008


In this week's Economist, Lexington is about how "Congress is doing its best to lose the global talent war". It starts with Mike Judge's Idiocracy, "one of the most unjustly neglected films of the past few years":

Two typical citizens—the army's “most average” soldier and a street prostitute—find themselves transported 500 years into the future. They soon discover that they are towering geniuses compared with the knuckle-draggers who inhabit the America of 2505. The country's best university is run by Costco. People are named after brands such as Frito and Mountain Dew. Starbucks has become a chain of brothels. The president is a former porn star and wrestling champion.

Apparently, America's politicians are doing all that they can to let Mr Judge's dystopia materialise, with their straight dumg immigration policy, trying their best to keep the world's best and brightest from darkening America's doors. They call this a policy of national self-sabotage.

All in all, Idiocracy sounds like a Rigot Movie night. Anyone interested?

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Sebastian said...

Already read about the movie. Though the ratings weren't good the story drew my attention. So i would be up for it...