Mar 28, 2008

Some intresting correlations

Corruption is the most annoying thing anyone has to live with. Not only is it the most important impediment to growth, it makes people completely unhappy. But it is not only because of corrupt socities in poor countries, it is also because of rich countries's companies bribe payers. So Transparency International, a think tank specialized on corruption, has this bribe payers index, to determine where these evil people are from. Here's my point, these people are just not educated. If you were educated, you wouldn't act in such a stupid way. Here's my correlation graph that, of course, doesn't mean anything. But it is not hopeless yet. It is still possible to be happy in this corrupt world. We just need the magic bullet:


Cam said...

Where does Australia fit on the second graph? Or is that the Australian flag hiding behind the US flag?

Sebastian said...

I presume Germany did not fit on the scale of the graph!? Though beer consumption has dropped in recent years after a steady increase for about 20 years, I do not know whether Germans are happier or less happier.