Feb 28, 2008


Pierre- Louis will present on Monday the 3rd of March the first draft of his paper entitled "Ethnic Networks in African Exports". The paper studies the effect of immigrants on exports from their African host country to their origin country in 2006. Pierre-Louis shows that this positive effect is far greater than what has been found for other regions in previous studies. Part of the explanation derives from the finding that many of the host countries suffer from a “bad” rule of law, suggesting immigrants can substitute for formal institutions.

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Pierre-Louis said...

The question is why do we call it a brown bag lunch when brown bags don't even exist in Europe? Anyway, I'll present this frist draft of my paper on ethnic networks and African exports next Monday. Hope to see you there...Sebastian has already summarized my findings so I won't be long here.
I did this paper because I wanted to show that Africa was not integrated in World Trade mostly because of its bad institutions and the lack of information about its products. So I showed that immigrants living in African countries could help their adoptive land to export to their home country. This effect is huge.